Giving a Face to Face the World

Life turned to what he termed 'hell', when accidentally Babu got burnt while making tea during a break at work in Ooty. He suffered major burns to both hands and the upper part of the body. His life was saved but life became not worth living when slowly contractures set in. His lower lip got struck to the chest. Can't look up, can't control drooling of saliva he presented a horrible picture.

Too scared to come out. People ran off on seeing him!! Lived for a year like that till we gave him hope. Mother was the only person who saw him after he got deformed.

He shuddered to come out of the house. Neighbours said that their children had nightmares on seeing his face. Life passed on for 1 year, with only his aged mother taking care of him. One may wonder how these people escape the net of social and medical care, but it happens. It is a silent tragedy that slowly evolves and a stage is reached when they find themselves in a stage where they don't know where to go. He needs special Reconstructive Surgery skills, support and a system of care which takes full responsibility.

He found it impossible to travel to the hospital in day time for the fear of the responses he would create in public transport. (He came to Ganga Hospital by midnight with the face fully covered. He said that they took the bold step of coming since they were sure that under the project they will be admitted and not asked to come on another day!)."

After surgery pictures. Giving a Face to Face the World.... and Contributing to Nation Building One patient at a time....

The Reconstructive Surgery team at Ganga Hospital, did a 7 hour procedure of releasing the face from the chest and covering the extensive gap with tissues taken from the thigh and reattaching it by microvascular surgery. They did this special procedure because they did not want the recurrence of the deformity. Result was like magic to the mother.

Rotary and the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery team at Ganga are proud that they have given him a face to face the world.