Creating Lasting Impact in the Society

27 year old Kathirvel, sustained burns in an industrial accident 7 months ago. He was an inpatient in a local hospital, where his life was saved, but unfortunately his both hands became terribly deformed. He had two camp surgeries, they made some mild corrections but the hands were too far away from any useful function.

He had to depend on his mother for everything. They suffer triple loss - loss of function, loss of employment and loss of self esteem. He said that he lives 'by dying every day'. To correct his deformities and gain useful function it would take an year of work, but he would lead a normal life for the rest of his life.

Left Hand

'Hope After Fire', project and the team at Ganga Hospital, can do it for him. The left hand was first corrected and soon after he said, 'I have started living'. He can eat himself, and take care of his daily needs even with one functioning hand. For someone who had nothing, a little is a lot. His right hand is being reconstructed now.

Post operative pictures

Right Hand

Post operative pictures