Changing Lives, One Life at a Time...

23 years young lady, suffered burns to her legs and while healing both the legs got stuck to the thighs. Can't stand, can't walk she became totally dependent on her mother for even the basic activities of life. For two full years the family suffered silently until they heard of our scheme. The members of the Rotary Club of Ooty, made the transfer possible.

Pre operative pictures of Nancy: Both legs stuck making it impossible for her to walk. Mother had to take care of even her basic needs. Suffered the disability for 2 years!

Contracture of right elbow & Scar over face and neck

Elbow contracture being released, Legs getting gradually stretched & Taking on the first steps

At the time of discharge she is able to walk independently & A happy Nancy with her mother

It took the team of doctors at Ganga Hospital four months to get her legs straight. Dr Raja Sabapathy said, "When the joints are in a bent position for a long period, the blood vessels, nerves and tendons become shortened and they have to be slowly stretched and then surgery done". Finally when she stood up, her mother's eyes were full of tears. No longer she has to do what she did to Nancy every day. i.e taking care of her needs like a baby.